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The Testing Twins

Muddy Buddies: SSAWcasa One Piece Rain Suit Kids. For the stomp in the mud type kids that are always coming home dirty. We have the Blue Koala and Pink Bunny. We were hesitant to buy a Muddy Buddy because they seemed expensive, that was until we found these!

Olaf Costume: Disney Frozen Olaf Costume. We wanted something that was cheaper and authentic looking. My son doesn’t wear it as much as he promised, which is why we buy cheap!

Monkey Bars: Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower. The kids got this for Christmas when they were 2 and it has been a house favorite ever since. You cannot beat the price of this ($124).We have always kept this inside and it has provided hours and hours or entertainment indoors. This thing has given my kiddos a lot of core strength and balance. They love just climbing up on there and watching tv from the top. They hang upside down too. Surprisingly, we have never had any major injuries from this thing. When we first got it, we would put the blocks below under it with a bunch of pillows to cushion any falls. It was interesting to put together, if you made a mistake, it was really hard to take a part. The stop shelf part does easily disconnect though to move it around the house or indoors to outdoors. This thing is worth the wait on Amazon (says 1-2 months for shipping).

Large Building Blocks: ECR4Kids Softzone Foam Big Building Blocks. The kids got these for Christmas when they were 1 and still play with them and build towers at 4. The long skinny ones also work well as a booster seat 🙂 We have them in the primary colors shown. They are so easy to clean and can be wiped down with a Lysol wipe and quickly dry.

Collapsible Wagon: Mac Sports Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon with Folding Table and Drink Holders. We use this for trips and walks. Now that the kids are getting bigger, I have used this a few times in place of the stroller. This is great for airports and beach trips. We love the cup holder and little table, works well for the picnic lunch or trip down the boardwalk. Ours is red and we don’t have the straps.

Tricycle: Radio Flyer Fold To Go Trike. These things were more expensive than I would have preferred to spend on a kids toy, but they have had these since they were 1 and still ride them at 4. We also kept these in the house for a while but they also love playing with them outside too. We have one red and one pink.

Indoor Toddler Play Set: Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber and Swing. We had this when the kids were between 1 and 2.5 and again kept this inside. They loved the slide and the swing.

Trampoline: Little Tykes 3′ Trampoline. These things have burned LOTS of energy in our home. An inside toy that they got on their 1st birthday that is still with us at 4. You can jump and my kids also swing upside down on the bar. We have 2!

Ride on Car Beetle: Rollplay 6 Volt VW Beetle Ride On Toy. The kids love this thing. Ours is white. I tried to sell this at a yard sale, but wasn’t allowed. A lot of people saw it in the garage and kept asking to buy. The charge in this last a long time and it seats 1, although our twins have ridden in this together a lot. Another Christmas present that stood the test of time. Going on 2 years with it and they’re about to out grow it.

Pedal Go-Cart: Hauck Lightning – Pedal Go Kart. This isn’t the exact one that we have because we got ours at Ollies, but it is almost identical. This was a good upgrade from the tricycle for Reid. Still low to the ground so you can’t really crash or fall over but it’s fast enough to keep up with harper on her bike. The seat adjusts and there’s a “brake” on the side. It’s also fairly light so they can easily turn it around when riding or drag it out of the garage.

Side by Side Double Stroller: Delta Children City Street LX Side by Side Stroller. We originally had one of the long double strollers ($140) where the kids ride in a single file but I quickly realized that it wasn’t working for us. It was hard to maneuverer and was impossible to open doors when you were alone. It also didn’t fold up well at all. I felt guilty about buying another, but then I stumbled upon this Delta Children’s one. It’s was only $75 and got a lot of great reviews, so I pulled the trigger. This thing has been AMAZING! We got it when they were 1 and they can still technically fit at 4.5, although we might need to retire it soon. We have traveled through airports, amusement parks, stores, and restaurants with ease. It fits through all doors, never came across one I couldn’t fit through (single doors included). It folds up quickly and is very compact when closed, making car packing a breeze for trips. My favorite part is all the compartments and handles. I’ve hung bags, blankets, and lunch boxes from the handles, and stuff the back compartments with SPF, drinks, snacks, phones, cameras, etc. We took off the cup holder because it won’t fit through doors with it. The top canopies don’t really cover the kids, but I have draped a light blanket from them to block the sun and elements. You honestly cannot beat this for the money, I LOVE IT.

Fire Tablet: Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet. We bought these after having bought the Sprout tablets for kids, which were a waste of money. The Fire was perfect for the money (we have a blue and a pink). They have been dropped and thrown a ton of times and have not crack once. I love the Free Time mode because it’s perfect for the kids to navigate and they can’t end up anywhere they don’t belong. When you set the FreeTime age, it only gives them access to download apps that are approved for that age. I’ve never had to pay for a single app because we have FreeTime unlimited. You can also flip it to “normal” tablet mode and it works for adult things too. We got ours for $99 each during a sale (maybe black Friday). I know a lot of people swear by iPads, but I can’t see spending that kind of money on kids tablets. Half the time I see the iPads with cracks and they just don’t appear to stand up as well as these little guys.

Bounce House: Magic Time Bounce ‘N’ Play Super Fort Sport Bouncer. We bought this at Walmart on black Friday for less than $200. Right now, Amazon has it cheapest. We wanted something bigger than the cheapo baseline bunce houses since we knew we would outgrow it and have bigger friends joining us from time to time. This one works indoors about outdoors. We have had middle school kids in this with a few preschoolers and it held up great. the ball pit area doesn’t blow up and a few butts have ben hurt jumping in there, so we fill it will pillows (you can also fill with balls but I don’t have time to be chasing balls around the house). The inflator machine is fairly strong and not terribly loud when used indoors. It also isn’t too high that it hits the celling when used indoors. Set up and break down are quick and we’ve loved using this. We love that it has the basic bouncer, the basketball hoop the slide, and the ball pit.

Play Car: Little Tykes Cozy Coupe. This toy was perfect starting at the 1 and lasted well into 3. There’s a false bottom that you can put in if you’re going to push it along or you can go straight Flintstone style and have them use the feet. The little horn beeps and my crew loved singing the wheels on the bus in here 🙂

Video Game: Nintendo Switch Neon Blue Neon Red. The kids just got this for Christmas and so far they like it. They don’t play it as much as I thought they would but I think they’re still a little small for it. The grown ups of the family like this one a lot, so much so that an uncle went home and bought onw of his own after playing with the kids on Christmas Day. We only have Mario Cart so far but are looking forward to trying more. I like the portable feature with the two small remotes. It let’s the play the same game but not fight over who holds the controller or the phone/tablet. I was going to bring it on an airplane trip but then decided against it because of the cost of the system (was afraid I would loose or break it) and then we only had 1 game, so I thought they would get bored.

Ice Pack: Goose Egged. These little things were gifted to us by Aunt Sara! A past coworker and his wife developed these after realizing it was nearly impossible to have kids hold something cold on an injury. Worse yet trying to get them to hold a towel under it because the ice is too cold (very ironic i know). These little things are like headbands and have a nice felt on the inside so they provide just the right amount of coldness and placement. Our daredevil, Harper, has put her unicorn one to very good use. Reid’s dog one is more for cool show than injury betterment.

We hope you love these products as much as we do! You may be wondering why we used all these toys indoors, but we like having ways for them to have physical play inside. I also used a lot of these when Brendan was deployed and I needed some support keeping them busy while I cooked, cleaned, or drank wine.


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