Meet Us

We’re are so excited to share a part of our lives with you! Our days are filled with a lot of craziness and madness as we’re working to survive twin parenthood (send thoughts and prayers and beverages, please). We don’t have everything figured out, but we’re sure working hard to accomplish our dreams and balance work, life, and family. We’re currently on our 3rd and final house and will be working to bring every inch of this house to a place that represents our family, is super functional, and on a budget! Gina is the Chief Home Officer, planning all the trips, home projects, and keeping this joint running like a well oiled machine. Brendan is the Chief Safety Officer, keeping all the doors double locked (even at noon), clocking speeders in the neighborhood, and keeps the house and cars in tip top cleaning/working order (most of this energy goes to his BMW, 3-something- something).

Meet Gina: I’m a twin mom, former part-time military wife, and professional working mother. I’m very proud of the career that I’ve built and I want my kids to see the value of hard work and determination. I know that the working mom gig isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I find that the time away from my family to develop my skills and achieve my dreams is very important to being a better mom and wife. When I’m not working, my time is split between trying to raise kind tiny humans, loving on my husband/tracking his Amazon purchases, and spending quality time with family and friends. I fit our DIYs in around our life and slowly but surely chip away at projects with any time I can find. I also love planning and hosting a good event! I can DIY the heck out of a birthday party, baby or bridal shower, and weddings! My style is usually full out Pinterest worthy party or scrapped together shindigs with whatever I have available, there is no in between. With everything I do, I always try to do it with Love, Purpose, and Grace (the courteous goodwill kind, my simple elegance could use some work).

Meet Brendan: Brendan hasn’t completed his blog homework. Come back in 5 months to learn more about him.

They’re so sweet when they want to be

Meet the Twins: Their days are filled with hostage negotiations and breaking the CSO’s safety rules. They’re doing hooligan preschool things with their friends and spend their days digging in dirt, worm hunting, and recovery from near death experiences (not actually, but a stubbed toe might as well count). Reid is the oldest, by 2 mins, and is a master negotiator. We call it that because it sounds better than master manipulator (homeboy can strike a deal). He could likely convince Moana to give him the Heart of Tefiti if he wanted. Reid’s the more serious-business rule follower type, but only for the rules he sets. His attention to detail and memory are unparalleled; he does not forget anything. Harper is the free spirit flower child. You’ll usually find her mostly breaking all the safety rules by climbing trees, standing on top of monkey bars, and harboring worm fugitives. She’s very carefree and loves to hand out compliments and is absolutely the sweetest. She’s the turn lemons into lemonade type and is as resilient as can be.

Our Promise to you: We’ll bring to you the real deal. Our DIY projects will show you our mistakes and lessons learned (most mistakes are made by Brendan, which is why he’s on a lifetime ban from painting). We’ll tell you our projects took 2 months because well sometimes life gets in the way and a nap sounds like a better use of our spare time. We’ll take you along for some important parenting conundrums, giving you the realness that is raising good kids while trying to enjoying life. For every painstaking hour that Brendan spends researching a phone charger, car buffer, foam cannon, vacuum, or TV, we’ll save you the time and give you recommendations and product comparisons all in one.  Lastly, we’ll share some important adult things, like 401ks, building a rental/real estate mogul plan, and career goals and advice. I (Gina) also cannot promise you that the comic book dad nerd will not flare up every now and then with the nerdiest shiz you can imagine, you’ve been fore warned.