Father’s Day Guide 2019

Father's day gift guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner and I wanted to share a few of the items Brendan has enjoyed over the years. This guide includes ideas for the Gym Lover, Car Lover, Coffee Lover, Whiskey Lover, and Comic Book Lover. AKA Brendan all wrapped into one.

For the Gym Lover

Ear Phones: Bose Bluetooth Earbuds. These are perfect for a dad swole sesh. They provide enough cord free-ness without feeling like you’re going to loss an ear bud on the gym floor after you practice your Flex Friday routine in the mirror. They clip to your shirt for extra safety. I also got the charging case for him too.

Other gym essentials: Can’t forget the protein (Mocha Cappuccino was the recent flavor of the week), shakers, and pre-workout (pro tip, mix this in his drink before it’s chore time and watch him work).

Gym Bag: Ultimate Gym Bag 2.0: Having a good bag is important for carrying all the essentials. Having lots of pockets to stash stuff, especially shoes, can help your Dad from being the smelly one at the gym. If he is actually smelly, this gym bag won’t help (just so we’re clear).

For the Car Lover

10" Random Orbital Buffer

Car Buffer: 10′ Orbital Buffer. Even I was impressed with this tool! It removed a few spots of my van that I thought would never leave. It’s a great way to renew your paint job and buff out some age spots. You can’t forget the Mirror Glaze or Drying Towels to go along with it.

Foam Cannon: Fasmov Car Wash Pressure Washer Jet Wash. Dads can take their car washes to the next level with this pressure washer attachment. This thing is so cool and legit makes it feel like you have your own car wash. Brendan is obsessed with it and he’ll wash anyone’s car just to use it. This Rain X soap is a good maintenance soap to use with the foam cannon.

Meguiar's G17748 Ultimate Wash & Wax, 48 oz

Cleaning Essentials: Rain-X Waterless wash for the quicky wash, Meguiar’s Ceramic Wax to make her shine and watch the water bead off (Brendan spends more time than we are willing to admit spraying his car and watching it bead off), and finally Meguiar’s Wash and Wax. Brendan like Meguiar’s products, can’t you tell 🙂

Dash Cam: Old Shark Dash Cam : You can get this for actual utility of keeping record in case something bad happens. You can also use it for humor and record all the obscenities if you’ve got a long distance commuter dad like me 😂.

For the Coffee Lover

Espresso Maker: Nespresso. I got this for Brendan for Christmas and he loved it! It comes with a milk frother, which really brought the experience to the next level. This one uses the bigger pods, so beware if you buy extra to go along with it.

Coffee Pot with Grinder: Krups Grind and Brew. If you’re like Brendan, you some times don’t have time to grind your beans on work mornings (spends too much night time watching Irish people review random stuff on YouTube). This pot takes the time and guess work out of it.

Coffee of the Month Club: Atlas Coffee Club (Click here and get $10 off your first bag!): I got this for Brendan last year and he still loves it! It’s probably one of the best gifts I ever gave! It’s the gift that keeps on giving. We started with a full bag every month and just recently slowed it down to every other month. They also have “half” bags that are a great option to get started with. You can change your preferences (light, medium, dark) and frequency whenever you want.

French Press: Kona French Press. If you get the coffee of the month club, a lot of the coffees recommended a French press as the preferred brewing method. They tasted just fine in the pot but if you want “the full experience” the French press is a fun addition.

For the Whiskey Drinker

Decanter Set: Customize Whiskey Decanter and Glasses Set: Shhhh, don’t tell Brendan, but this is what I actually bought him this year! He also had me “buy” him a bottle of Yellow Spot, aka he bought it himself so I’m making this a half birthday gift too 😉

Ice Balls: Whiskey Ice Ball Mold: I mean, are you even a whiskey drinker if you’re not using the super sweet round balls??? Get these if you wanna be fancy.


Whiskey: Green Spot, Yellow Spot, Red Spot are all hot on Brendan’s list right now.

For the Comic Book Lover

Comic Tee: Fathor T-shirt. Can’t go wrong with a little comic book Dad pun!

Movie Gift Cards: Fandango. If your movie goer likes to bounce around cinemas like mine, these work anywhere. This should last for 1 new Marvel movie release. Gotta watch it on opening night, the next morning, and then again the next day (legit the new release schedule at our house).

Comic Socks: Marvel 4 pack of Dress Socks. For the comic book lover that has a professional job and but still can’t resist the urge to be nerdy.

Comic Book Storage: Starter Comic Book Storage Kit. For when you husband takes his nerd-dum to a whole new level and buys hundreds of comics that he’s gotta keep in tip top shape. You know, preserve for when they’re worth $96 each.

What are some items that you plan to get the special Dad in your life?



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