Farmhouse Before and After

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share a tour of our farmhouse. This house was actually our last house and we sold it about a year ago. The house was built in 1900 and was one of the original houses that owned all the land from the neighborhood.

We came across the house after falling out of contract on a house one day before our scheduled closing date (it was not fun!). We had already signed a lease for someone to rent our home and had packed almost all of our stuff. Needless to say we were under the gun to find something ASAP.

This house didn’t always shine out as the favorite. I had originally saved it but we held off on visiting because the price was too high, ya know, trying to be responsible and stuff. We were at our last house of a weekend showings. The pressure was really on to find something because it was the last weekend to get under contract and move on time. It didn’t help that the tenant we had was moving from out of town and she had limited flexibility. When all was looking bleak, I got a price drop alert! Thanks to our amazing realtor, she talked us into the house within and the hour.

The house met all of our must haves: a half acre, a garage, four bedrooms, a pool, and at least two bathrooms. Bonus that it was in budget too! We visited and liked it but didn’t WOW us right a way and we didn’t end up submitting an  offer. We actually had a moment on un-clarity and really digressed by making a rouge offer on another, smaller and cheaper house. Luckily that offer wasn’t expected and this farmhouse was still weighing heavy on my mind.

We realized that the house didn’t wow us originally because the owners over modernized it and loved on the brown tones way too much. We went back to our must haves list and realized this home actually had everything we wanted. We finally realized the potential the house had and we were under contract and moved in within a month.

Let me first show you some before pictures!

See what I’m talking about with the brown and tans? I’m all about a neutral pallet but everything seemed so monochromatic. It had also lost that farmhouse charm. 

We didn’t spend a whole ton of money on our updates of this house, but what we did made a huge impact. Surprisingly, the new carpet made it look and feel so fresh!

Can you believe that’s the same house?

I didn’t get to do as much to the house as I had originally envisioned. My husband left for a 9 month deployment in the middle of our 3 years of ownership here. While I’m so proud of the projects I accomplished while he was away (putting up a shiplap wall and painting the living room, painting new dining room chairs, installing new lights, and updating the half bath) the reality is that it slowed our progress for what we wanted to accomplish. I also finished the majority of painting and simple updates within the last 6 months of living there. It stung finally getting the place to where I knew it could be only to have sold it. But thankfully, that lesson is helping me prioritize and make commitments to upgrades in our new house.

So after only 3 short years in this house, we sold it within days of being on the market. Our simple cosmetic update allowed for us to sell the house at $50,000 more than what originally paid for it. The shift to a sellers market also helped, but I think breathing life and some charm back into the old farmhouse made a world of difference.

What do you think?


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