Dining Room Table

We recently put board and Batten in our dining room and painted the walls. You can catch up here if you missed it. The project was a labor of love but I love the way it turned out. The combination of dark and moody top + bright and airy bottom really make for a great compliment. The room now has a modern/classic vibe that feels timeless.

Let’s take a look of the dining room in all it’s glory

We still have a future plan to remove all the popcorn ceiling in the house, but for now, we will just hope that history repeats itself and comes back in style 🙂

I bought a table from World Market after searching high and low for something I loved, that didn’t break the bank, and was unique yet timeless. I really wanted a big table that could hold a lot of people (10+) but didn’t want the expensive price tag to go with it. I was also carving something a little less main stream than the traditional wood farmhouse style tables that are out now.

My must haves for the new table:

  • Solid Wood
  • Seat 10+
  • With a Leaf
  • Unique yet timeless design with Farmhouse Rustic elements
  • Under $400

So simple, right? I do this to my self often. I get a style or vibe and must haves in my head but then I want to ball on a budget, who doesn’t love saving money? I love a good deal so it tends to take me months to research what I want, then I PRICE STALK! Watch my emails for coupons and sales, if I can, i usually wait for holidays where the deals are the best.

I finally decided on World Market’s Rustic Brown Oval Wood Brooklyn Extension Dining Table. I stalked for months. As a deal hunter, you gotta stay committed to the cause. 

The website lists the table at $749 originally and when I bought it, it was on sale for $375. I applied a 10% off coupon + a free shipping code and my total came to $432. It was slightly over my $400 budget because of the “delivery” cost ($75). What most of those “free shipping” coupons don’t cover are the deliver surcharge of heavy and big items such as this, By the time I realized not ALL of my delivery was covered, I had already convinced myself that I wanted it, so I pulled the trigger.

Here it is without the leaf:

Here it is with the leaf:


The table had to be special delivered by a freight company because of how heavy it is. Which now makes sense as to why the delivery charge was so much. When it is delivered, it comes in two box.

The actual assembly was pretty simple. The whole top table and legs were already put together and all we needed to do was connect the legs with the base and then all of that to the table top.

This thing is heavy. We struggled to flip it over from the ground because of the weight, so you can be sure a kid will never be able to tip it over.

The table detail was even better in person! I loved the different boards with all the various nooks (although crumbs often gets stuck in them). 

It really is a massive table when the leaf is in it. It can easily seat 10 people, maybe even 12 if you don’t have a lefty in your bunch.

The best part? It makes for a really great laundry folding station! 

It will likely take me another 3 months to find the perfect chairs, so until then, we are using these Carlisle High Back Dining Chair from Target (in white matte). 

Next up, we hang a new light!

I have always wanted a formal dining room. I know they aren’t the rage these days, but as a kid, we never had one big place where everyone could sit at the same table to eat together. I’m thankful for what we had, but I always dreamed of a big table with all the food laid out perfectly making memories that would last. I know this project seems simple, but to me, it means the world! 


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