$5 DIY Planters For Your Porch

diy planters for the porch

I knocked out a little unexpected project in no time today. I’ve always loved a nice tall porch planter. What I don’t love is the cheap quality and expensive prices of the ones you find at all the stores. Today, the scraps from our spare bedroom turned man cave project inspired me to make some custom DIY planters for my ferns.

Building the Planters


  • Pot with a lip
  • 1x4x8 Furring Boards I used 5
  • Paint or Stain (if preferred)


  • 12″ miter saw
  • Nail gun

Step 1: Measure (twice!)

I started off by holding scrap wood around the pot and finding the perfect placement. My measurements were 12.25″ wide and 10.5″ wide for my horizontal boards. I decided on a height of 23.5″ for the legs.

Step 2: Cut (Once)

Time to cut some wood. I find with projects that need a lot of precise cuts and something you’re looking to duplicate, its easiest to make bulk cuts. This way you know everything will be the exact same size. I stack many boards at once (only possible with a big 12″ blade

For two planters:

  • 12–12.25″ cuts
  • 12–10.5″ cuts
  • 8–23.6″ cuts
diy planters for the porch

Step 3: Assemble Box Frames

Create 6 boxes with 2 of the 10.5″ and 2 of the 12.25″ pieces. The smaller ones go on the inside and the longer ones go on the outside. I used the nail gun and this was a breeze. I laid them out on the floor and braced them against a wall so they wouldn’t slip while I was firing the nail gun like a crazy woman.

diy planters for the porch

Step 4: Attach legs

I carefully selected which side to put the legs on and choose the side where the boxes already had the connection points so I could keep a seamless front. Stacked the boxes on each other and carefully attached the legs. I kept my boxes with an open bottom but you could easily build more boxes and get a full rectangular bottom look. I used a spare board to make sure the bottom of the legs were nice and even so it wouldn’t be wobbly before I nailed them down.

building the boxes

Step 5: Enjoy

Insert the plant pots and voila!

diy planters for the porch
diy planters for the porch
diy planters for the porch

I’m going to paint them black to match our shutters when some free time magically appears. For now, the raw wood look is still super cute!

Project Recap:

  • Cost: $10 in supplies
  • Time: 30 mins
  • Difficulty level: Low

If you want the porch planter look for less, then this DIY planters project is for you! It easily saved me $100 to get the fancy planter look for less.


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